International Trade
Improved transport links and high speed communications have made the world smaller and the business community truly global.

Successful companies quote a variety of reasons for marketing their products and services internationally, including:

  • Higher sales volumes can reduce unit production costs

  • Risk spreading – while some markets are depressed others are buoyant

  • Product life cycles vary from one part of the world to another, so product lives can be lengthened through exporting

  • Saturation of the home market can be a growth inhibitor if other market options are not considered

  • Higher profit margins can be earned in less competitive or wealthier markets

  • The demands of foreign customers help “sharpen up the company’s act”

  • Export success raises the company’s prestige and profile in the home market

  • It’s more fun working for a company with an international dimension

And few companies wishing to stay competitive can avoid importing at least some of their products, components or raw materials.

Internationalising a business takes time, effort and planning, but access has never been easier.  For the forward thinking business, overseas trade holds the key to increased growth and profitability.

Our International pages have been designed to help you identify and fully exploit your export potential.  Click on 'Importing' or 'Exporting' above left to see the range of subjects covered.

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