Winning & Keeping Customers
The creation of a successful business is dependant on extensive planning, hard-work and the occasional bit of good luck.

Reasons for business failure are numerous. But nothing could be more galling than producing new products or services destined to set the world on fire that fail because of inadequacies in sales and marketing.

This section of our site is dedicated to helping you get your products or services to market successfully. More importantly, it's about maximising your opportunities to generate profitable revenue from your customers.

Starting with the basics, we introduce some of the principles of marketing. What do you know about your customers - potential or actual? Do you know who your most valuable customers are and can you turn them into your most loyal customers? Will you do your own market research or will you use market research agencies or publications? These questions, along with the crucial issue of 'pricing', are the topics discussed in Marketing & research.

Having addressed the above, Marketing methods looks at advertising strategies, effective PR, using your database for marketing and considers the important but often underestimated areas of design and creating a brand. Practical advise is also given on using direct mail and writing mailshots and advertisments.

If you find the whole prospect of selling a little daunting, our section dealing with this should put you at ease. We offer guidance on developing a sales strategy, selling techniques, negotiating a sale and, if you have one, managing a sales team. There's also some practical guidance on preparing and delivering a sales presentation and handling those potentially difficult questions.

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